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Celestica recognizes suppliers with its 2009 Total Cost of Ownership Supplier Awards

Jun 17, 10 at 5:03 PM EDT

TORONTO, June 17, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --Celestica Inc. (NYSE, TSX: CLS), a global leader in the delivery of end-to-end product lifecycle solutions, today announced the winners of its 2009 Total Cost of Ownership (TCOOTM) Supplier Awards. The awards honour suppliers who support Celestica's innovative approach to supply chain management and provide the best TCOO performance to Celestica and its customers by demonstrating excellence in quality, delivery, technology, service, pricing and flexibility.

Celestica is pleased to congratulate the 2009 TCOO Supplier Award recipients:

    -   Best TCOO Score Award:           Samtec, Inc.
    -   Best Ring Score Award:           Fairchild Semiconductor
                                          International Inc
    -   Most Improved TCOO Score:        WPG Electronics
    -   Innovative Award:                Indium Corporation
    -   Execution Award:                 ON Semiconductor
    -   Flexibility Award:               ACME Alliance Asia Ltd.
    -   Best Indirect Services Award:    InterCall Inc
    -   Most Technical Compliant Award:  Rakon Ltd.
    -   Best Regional TCOO Score
        -  Americas:                     XPEDX Division of International
        -  Asia:                         Adampak Limited
        -  Europe:                       Z Studio, spol. s r.o.

In addition, Celestica would like to recognize the following honourees who made a significant contribution to its supply chain goals in 2009:

    -   TCOO Score Award category:   Viasystems Group, Inc., Daishinku Corp.
    -   Ring Score Award category:   Molex Incorporated, Tyco Electronics Ltd
    -   Improved TCOO Score Award
         category:                   Omron Electronic and Mechanical
                                     Components Company, WUS Printed Circuit
                                     (Kunshan) Co., Ltd
    - Technical Compliance Award
       category:                     Gold Circuit Electronics Ltd.,
                                     Walsin Technology Corporation

This marks the fourth year of Celestica's TCOO Supplier Awards program, which evaluates and recognizes the top performers in Celestica's global network of over 3,000 suppliers. Celestica's TCOO system is focused on evaluating supplier performance by measuring the total cost to produce, deliver and support products and services beyond the supplier invoice price. As such, it considers the following supplier attributes:

    Quality:      Delivering superior products and services
    Delivery:     Providing products and services at the right time, in the
                  right quantity and at the right price
    Technology:   Utilizing the best information, product manufacturing and
                  delivery technologies
    Service:      Placing the customer as the number one priority and
                  ensuring communication across every step of the process
    Pricing:      Delivering competitive pricing based on volume purchasing
                  through global procurement
    Flexibility:  Responding to customers' market demands for product,
                  service and solution delivery worldwide

"Delivering the lowest total cost to our customers and enabling a supply chain that drives speed, flexibility and responsiveness is one of the highest priorities at Celestica," said Harvinder Sembhi, Chief Procurement Officer, Celestica. "We are proud to partner with suppliers who share our passion in achieving this objective and I am pleased to congratulate the winners of the 2009 TCOO Supplier Awards. I would also like to thank the award recipients and honourees for their ongoing commitment to our supply chain strategy."

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